We insist that everyone has to know how adult "pay" websites operate so they wont be scammed. Bookmark this page. Use it as a reference for all the best adult pay sites on the Web.

First of all there are a few things you should know about the adult online industry:

  • The adult online industry will generate some $2 Billion in revenues in 2004, making it the largest single producer of all revenue generated on the internet today.

  • Our surveys indicate that almost half all surfers that signed up for an adult "pay"-site for an initial trial didn't get the content they were originally promised. How can anyone make a buying decision without trying out or even seeing the product or service first? When did *you* last buy something without even knowing what it is?

  • Some leading adult paysites realized that this problem existed and did something about it. These reputable sites are now offering 100% free passes for a 3 day trial period so that you can make a wise decision on whether you like the site or not. Now you can truly "try before you buy"!

    OK, here's the secret!

  • We insist that everyone has to know how adult "pay" websites operate so they wont be scammed. Most surfers don't realize that there are quality sites where you don't need to spend the $40 to find out what's inside. How can you spend your hard-earned money without even knowing what the site offers?.

  • We'll show a simple seven-step tutorial on getting a 100% free password into an adult "pay"-site for 3 days of unlimited access. We're always adding new sites to this page. That's why we suggest you bookmark this page and use it as a reference to find additional sites you may enjoy! You can try any or all of these sites. Remember, these passes will only work for 3 days, but they are 100% FREE and take only a minute to get.


  • Below you will see a list of adult pay sites which will offer a free pass to their membership area. Find the sites that you like.

  • Once you have selected your favorite sites, just click the link to go directly to the site's homepage. You are getting these 100% free passes because you are going directly to the paysite and cutting out any middle man.

  • Enter the site from the homepage. (Look for a link that says "ENTER PLEASE".) Find the link or button that says "Join Now For Free" and click on it.

  • Fill in the required information; your name, address, and email information, then hit "Submit Now". Don't worry, all this info will be kept strictly confidential!

  • On the next page, choose a user name and password. Your credit card number is used for age verification purposes only!. These sites are million-dollar operations and won't charge you for the free passes. If you don't believe it, read their terms and conditions. They are simply protecting themselves from underage surfers from receiving these free passes.

  • Once you have filled out all the info just hit "INSTANT ACCESS NOW!". Check your email for your access code and your free pass will work right away. The whole process should take less then one minute!

  • That's it, you're done! All you have to do now is enjoy you free pass for 3 days. Read the terms and conditions so you feel comfortable with it. And remember you can signup for all the sites listed below and get your free 3 day pass on each site. People are paying $40 a month for these passes and you can get them for free!

    Here's our current list of FREE PASS sites:

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    Remember to bookmark this page, as it's constantly updated!